Annette Bellamy

Annette Bellamy

Annette Bellamy · (907) 299-1211
P.O. Box 6426 · Halibut Cove, Alaska 99603

My art represents ideas and an aesthetic of my lifestyle.

I have commercially fished for over 40 years, long lining for halibut and seining and gillnetting for salmon. These years of fishing have given me a wealth of inspiration.

There are layers of ideas in each piece, new ideas onto repeated ideas as I continue to evolve as an artist.

My art education has been acquired through travel, workshops, residencies and over 25 years of sharing studio and kilns with Alex Combs after his retirement from the UAA Art Department.

I have exhibited my work nationally and had many solo exhibits in Alaska as well as one in Seattle, Washington and Brockton, Massachusetts.